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monday. >> now, james holmes made his first court appearance yesterday and now prosecutors are going to talk to the family member of the victims about whether to pursue the death penalty. fox 5's lauren demarco is in the newsroom now with the details. >> reporter: the shooting left 12 people dead, dozens injured and a community heart broken. yesterday was the first time the public got a look at james holmes since he allegedly walked into the century 16 movie theater and opened fire. the 24-year-old and in court to hear a judge explain why he is being held without bond. holmes with his hair still died that orange-red was offer a chance to speak but he stayed quiet. he sat as though in a daze in the colorado courtroom. at one point, he even seemed to doze off. holmes is being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to learn what prompted friday's horrific shooting rampage and a midnight screening of the dark knight rises. the defendants will likely argue that the suspect was not in good mental health at the time of the shooting
: that suspect will be in court today for an arraignment. police say that james holmes has now lawyered up and is now longer cooperating. he could face the death penalty. holmes is being held in solitary confinement. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 5 # others in the movie theater massacre friday. hundreds of people gathered for a prayer vigil in you're ore a colorado to remember the victims. those killed ranged in age from six years old to 51. police say that holmes was covered head to toe in body armor and was armed with an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun when he opened fire on the crowded theater over the weekend. aurora's mayor remind the community of the strength and resolve to get through this tragedy. >> we will remember you. we will honor you by celebrating life. we will honor you by living our lives a little better. >> it is not this senseless act of violence that marks us as a community. it is the lives and acts of these heroes and the innumerable acts of kindness, love and care for our neighbors that defines who we are. >> reporter: yesterday, police cleared th
i just tweeted wisdom, what's next, rupert holmes and captain and tenille. >> he is all over the place. you can't figure out wisdom. >> prince is next. >> okay. there we go. >> now you're cool. >> sarah knows where i'm going with this. all right. if you are traveling inbound along 66, delays coming in at centreville. no problems to report if you are traveling northbound i-59 in the main line as you work your way north of woodbridge but again, in the express lanes here, we had that bus stop that was squeezing the right lane here at the occoquan. look like we have the lanes open. you are back up to speed headed out to the fsp. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >>> police investigating a deadly shooting in northeast d.c. this morning. part of a violent night across the city. >> this shooting, the shooting is one of three that happened all in less than 30 minutes in different locations. fox 5's sherry ly is live in northeast with the details. good morning to you. >> good morning. these shootings all happened one right after the other. the last one was rig
to be formally charged. >> james holmes is also accused of wounding 58 others along with the charges, a judge will hear arguments month a request by the defense. attorneys for holmes want to see a package he allegedly sent before shooting and they want for find out who leaked information for the media about that package. here at home, authorities a the suspect accused of allegedly plotting a mass shooting in our area could be held for a week without facing criminal charges. neil edwin scott is undergoing a mental evaluation after being taken in friday. according to police, the 28- year-old's alleged threats against his former boss raised concerns that he was planning a shooting similar to the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado. after prescott was arrested, officers say they found dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in the suspect's crofton apartment. >>> police say a suspect killed a business owner friday afternoon at his jewelry store in arlington. that is where sherry ly is live with the latest on the search for the suspect now. good morning. >> good morning. >>
by james holmes. there are reports that the notebook outlined plans to kill people but the school would not confirm its content. the university says it was delivered monday, refuting reports by knocks news that the notebook was delivered several days before the shooting. >>> the survivors of last week's shooting face a lifetime of recovery too but many will not have to worry about the burden of medical bills. three of the hospitals caring for victims say they will either limit or completely wipe out their bills. some of of the victims have no health insurance. >>> president obama and mitt romney are talking more about their stances on gun control following last weekance shooting. in new orleans yesterday, president obama told the national urban league that he wants stronger background check. romney said changing laws would not prevent tragedies like this because in many cases, many of the weapons are obtained illegally. >>> violet ripken was held at gunpoint and forced from her home in an are dean, maryland earlier this week. willmar is live in the newsroom with the latest on the searc
campaign. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton released a statement yesterday saying mayor gray must clear up this matter quickly. councilmember jim graham is also urging the mayor to answer questions immediately. but mayor gray says his attorney has already told him not to say anything more than he has already said. ## i think you all are probably just as frustrated as i am. there are lots of things i would hike to address at this stage but because of the coming nature of this investigation which i've said all along, there is nothing that i'm going to say on it at this stage. >> three council members have already called on mayor vincent gray to resign after fining out about a shadow campaign. >>> former alexandria police sheriff james dunning has passed away. the 62-year-old was found dead in his south carolina home yesterday morning. alexandria police officials say he apparently died in his sleep. dunning was the veteran sheriff of alexandria when his wife was murdered more than eight years ago. officials are still trying to solve that case. >>> we're mop are toking metro this morning an
holmes because they could impede the investigation. he was in a ph.d. program in the school's neuroscience department but dropped out before the shooting. >>> the eyes of the world on london today. >> and this city is just hours from opening ceremonies at the 2012 olympics. we'll find out what big question has yet to be answered and probably won't be until tonight's big event. coming back in just a moment. . >>> about 80,000 people will be in hon don's olympic stadium for tonight's opening ceremony. more than a billion people are expected to watch it worldwide. the ceremonies are not likely to be sold out. there are still some tickets available selling for more than $1500 each. that is a lot of money. we still do want know who will be carrying the olympic flame. there is a lot of secrecy around the opening ceremonies. you are looking at video of the olympic are to are. on the thames river in a golden royal boat this morning. when the opening ceremonies kick off later today, queen elizabeth, first lady michelle obama and david beck him will be among those attending. meteorite
. it appears that james holmes had a federal grant from the nih to study neuroscience at the university of colorado. but he had recently dropped out of the department's ph.d. program. >>> we just got some new information into our newsroom that cal ripken's mother has been found after being reported missing. so according to the police department, we do have some information in that his mother has been found. when we get more information about that, we will let you know. >>> a major redevelopment prog foact union station. >> amtrak is proposing a $7 billion plan to transform the terminal and wants to turn it into a high-speed rail. -- a major redevelopment project for union station. >> reporter: this is being called a mast are plan for union station an is part of a larger plan that would have to do with the entire northeast corridor. we should learn more about what should happen here today around 2:00 p.m. when amtrak holds a news conference. amtrak is heading up this propose actual it says amtrak is -- it says that union station is its second busiest station in the system. it served the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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